Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Would I Befriended Me?"

Last time, i read my friend's motivational book, n it raised a funny question: "would you marry you?" as you can tell, it supposed to make you think about yourself.. if u met someone with characteristics exactly like yourself, would you like to marry him or her? okayy... mayb 'marrying' someone is a bit extreme, so i changed the ques for ME to think, 'would I befriended me?'

last few days, i've been in quite a 'sickening' mood.. 'sickening' as in really 'annoying' for someone to be with me. i realized that, but that time i was mad with someone, n it satisfied me to be 'sickening' just to annoy that someone. that's very childish of me. n i dont even think bout others around me that will be affected by my behaviour. so.... would i befriended me? when i was acting like that? regrettably, the answer is a BIG 'NO' =(

asking that question to myself.. i started making few honest lists about myself.. my mahmudah, n my mazmumah characteristics... n sadly, it seems like i had too much mazmudah in me.. sob sob... i get angry easily, cepat merajuk, cepat terasa hati, pemalas nak kemas umah, suke komplain, etc etc... *sigh... it's hard to change.. but i'll work hard to be a better me. being in tarbiyyah should make it easier, but there r too much jahiliyyah in me that dh berkarat2 dah =/
nway, BERUSAHALAH!!!!!

ps: after this mmg kene tanya myself 'would i marry me?' heh heh....

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