Friday, February 12, 2010

when family became stranger

(*** this entry does not related to my nuclear family..)

n.. when strangers became family..

i'm really pissed (pardon my word).. i mean, no matter what conflicts came btw the adults, why dragged urself into it? people always (n really mean ALWAYS) talk bad things about others when the other party dont get into good terms with them.. but, helloooo... if u r not satisfied with others, keep it to urself, dont drag other people to join u in 'boycotting' or 'hating' that person .. dh laa dosa benci kt org satu, nk tambah2 lg dosa ngumpat+suruh org lain benci kt org jugak...

there there.. istighfar.. ni kes 'luka lama berdarah kembali' la ni.. huhu... conflicts will always happen, but u learn to let it go, and put it behind.. but some people just want to live with it. making it bigger and bigger each day. n by each moment, the 'story' will worsen.. n i really dont get it, why some people cant live without gossiping.. its like their 'food of the soul' is talking bad about others..

i'm not a very good person. of that i already know.. i tend to do wierd stuff.. i rather 'run' compared to 'walk', i hang out with my students as if they are my buddy, i talk loudly, i cry in public when i lose my temper, i throw things at people when i'm mad.. etc etc.. but who are you to tell the public that u dont like me.. (i'm also not fond of your personality, but i dont go around telling bad things about you,n i treat you really well in public.. )..

nway, thats the old story.. but, i'm really hurt by that. if i dont know better; but i knew that memutuskn silaturrahim is a great sin, i really gonna ignore the person.. (may Allah forgive us all).. people said, blood is thicker than water, so what? everyone in the world has the same red blood cells ( altho there r diff types of rbc).

uh uh.. its me being emo again... i think its time to cook smtg.. pie or tart shud be good.. mybe i'll make custard or egg tart, popia will be good also.. (urghh... i need to exercise more.. )

**feeling better**

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