Friday, August 13, 2010

breaking fast~~

apple pie.. owh apple pie..time tgh baking, sgt menguji keimanan.. hihi~

ayam paprik yang best! nyummy nyum! altho sedikit pedas..

n pesal my cendol nmpk sgt retard.. gemok2.. such an hassle to make. need to change the recipe or find some other hassle-free recipe (will post it when i managed to make one)..

lastly, mee goreng mamak.. bcoz we rarely eat rice masa berbuka puasa. so need another form of carbo.

those r yesterday's.

today's menu will be nasi kerabu (owh~ another loongg day.. nasi kerabu sgt cerewet utk dibuat.. but nicah wants it~)

planning on making puding caramel. but ada 1 buku besar roti utk dihabiskan.. so thinking of sardine roll also.. hmmm.. which one.. maybe both? and already bought peach for peach cobbler.. kiv this one for tomorrow..

** one of the best feelings in Ramadhan is delivering foods to surau and jiran-tetangga ^^


mood@yemen said...

arrgghhhh pose untuk berlapor bukang untuk memikirkang next recipe ...... ada blog tu dok certia pasal nasi kandar je .... siap gambor ... nasi kandar kayu le ... nasi kandar line clear lah ... tu yang membuatkang bila habis pose gain extra kilos ....

Qurrata A’ayun said...


ala abah~~

menu bukak pose penting ape.. :p