Thursday, September 2, 2010

Convert or not to convert~

my 2nd milestone for biochemical analysis is in Dec, but, right now, there's only 1 analysis left. had just received my serum vit D kits, n iA aft raya holiday, i'll completed all my lab work n start focusing on the statistical analysis and writing up my thesis. it seems like i'll completed all my research and at least half of my thesis within 1 year.. so, am entitled for conversion.

b4 this, semangat berkobar2 nk convert phd.. sbb fikir nnti senang, xyah nk pening2 dh nk re-apply kt uni.. my supervisor pun dh start kasi journal2 utk dibaca for phd proposal.. but lately (not that recently.. this has been going on for quite sometimes) i just feel like packing up my stuff and move.. there's nothing wrong with uni, but sometimes i get too tired of traveling. being away from my family is one thing, but being away from my husband is a major thing. most of my money goes to the flight tickets to KL and for the petrol to travel home during weekends. money is a lame excuse, it's not that i'm having any financial difficulties or anything.. i just don't feel like having a pjj anymore..


** looking at the journal without any progress since yesterday.. n keep flicking through the ad for rental apartment in gombak.. saya.nak.pindah.

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