Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the gift of 'keinsafan'

" dia cakap nak datang dgn 2 orang abang..xpe, ke?"

i scribble a note on my ever-messy persala note book.. calculating the budget in my head. that early morning, instead of going to lab, i went to SKK (3). doing last minutes job for our majlis berbuka puasa with anak2 yatim that will take place that evening kat pusat islam, usm.

" bdk ni mmg susah.. mak dia miskin, ayah dia tinggalkn dia. pastu dia xleh jalan, sbb tu abg dia kene dtg sekali".. pk hem of SKK (3) cont explaining. i gave her a smile and said it shud be ok. we already allocate xtra food for the event.

aft thanking ph hem, we (me and another friend) follow ustazah na (forgot her name) to the class.. chomey je tgk bdk2 kecik tgh belajar. went from class to class, amik the orphans' cloth measurement. we are really thankful, last2 minutes, ramai yg donate for the events. few lecturers donate RM500 each! (smg Allah murahkan rezeki those people).. with that, we managed to buy baju raya for all those orphans from a poor family.

aft touring few blocks, we arrived kat year 1 nyer class.. i saw a boy sitting 'on' the table. the 1st thing yg terlintas is "ish, nakal sungguh!".. but after a few moment, i realized.. that is the OKU boy who cant walk n will come wih his 2 brothers tonight. he gave me a curious smile when i enter the class.. n my heart does a funny jolt when looking at his small, very innocent face.. he cant sit on the chair while learning, as his lower body is small, making the table too high for him to write. but i'm impress, looking at his determination to study.. n impress by how the other classmates treat him. in other classes, the tables were arranged two by two.. but they dekatkan 6 tables kat depan, so it's easier for him to move.

we didnt talk much, as i dont have enough time. but i found myself looking forward to meet him that evening.

like any other time when handling an event, stress often builds up time2 last minute. penat, tension, penat lagi.. tambah2 dgn puasa.. ke sana ke mari settlekan the goody bag, duit raya, mc tiba2 xleh jd mc, perasmi wat hal, vip xdpt nk contact utk confirmkn kehadiran.. etc etc.... but, all the stress + penat yg hampir2 wat awe nangis, really vanish when i saw how excited those children when they received their goody bags with baju-kuih-and duit raya. and i know, people with 'hearts' will be moved by the sights of the 2 siblings- the OKU boy, being carried by his brother, receiving the goody bags...

the prog teaches me to be grateful.. be grateful of the wellness of my body, and being thankful for the family that i have, and being thankful diatas kesenangan hidup yg dikurniakan..

in the middle of that 'perasaan terharu'.. i was nearly brought into tears again.. suddenly being approached by a pakcik. saying that he's late, just arrived, so his son doesnt make it masa penyampaian sumbangan raya. i rushed n searched for goody bag with his son's name. the moment when i gave him the goody bag only i realized that pakcik's condition. he smiles and thank me, receiving the bag with his hardly-can-be-moved hands, and limping away.. his right leg cant move well.. i stand there looking at him until he was out of my sight.. and feeling very thankful that at least, i did smtg for these people.. i remember what the vice president told me when i question why didnt we focus on the orphans kat umah anak2 yatim, n she told me that, people usually see orphanges houses, a lot of people donate (during ramadhan) to umah anak2 yatim, but not these children whose still have a mum or dad, and from a very poor family..

nway.. i pray that Allah will give them strength to face this test of life. and i pray that the people out there will do their parts in helping the needy ones. i'm still thinking what else we can do to help them.. (planning to adopt that OKU boy.. huhu... wonder whether my husband will agree.. )


BidadariBesi said...

Pengalaman yg sungguh menginsafkan..Sy pun sedih baca entry ni,huhu,,Jzkk atas perkongsian kak awe.. kita manusia mmg slalu lupa utk bersyukur dan selalu sgt rasa x cukup lagi. Tgk nikmat org yg dpt lebih, kita jeles padahal kita sendr pun dah dpt byk sgt nikmat kalau compare dgn yg kurang upaya..huhu..semoga kita sentiasa menjadi org2 yg bersyukur..Amin~

qurrata a’ayun said...

insyaAllah.. aminnn..