Tuesday, September 8, 2009

once a friend.. forever a friend (?)

it’s funny how our emotions managed to sway easily. It’s like suddenly you feel like crying for the simplest absurd reasons. One moment you are OK, and the other moment you feel like everything is wrong.. (yes.. i’m in that not soo wonderful emo state.. urghh... ) *keep reminding myself that ‘ingat Allah hati jadi tenang’..

today i ‘was reminded’ about one of my best friends in high school (we are the trio oh!-so-glamour-top-students-in-everything <-- it was then though).. i always respect those girl friends that stick together comes tide or high-water, because it seems that friendship is something that very hard to preserve.. you hold them too tight, it will suffocate them, but if loose, they will think that you dont care. Dont get me wrong, i have many wonderful girl friends that i love and care for (and i know they love me *heh heh).. but being in this emo-state (giving excuse to myself), those minority type of friends always manage to make me cry to sleep. It’s something that you just cant understand; there’s nothing wrong between both of you, you sms each other, you email each other, you meet during holidays, then suddenly.. *vanish* just like that. Once in a while, u receive ‘oh, sorry, i’m too busy’ email n sms as a reply.. *sigh... its a painful feeling, really, when a friend emit those ‘tak nak kawan dah’ sign.. uh uh, being emo is not good.. but to my dear friend, even if you are ‘too busy’, you should at least congratulate your ‘once-you-claimed-your-bestfriend’s wedding (altho its been a month)..
nway, sorry for the merepek entry.. it’s just that i need to write everything down to feel better -supaya my zauj x perlu berdepan with awe yg emo (eventho on phone)... huhu..-. trying my best to show the good side of me, as adviced by Asma’ binti Kharijah r.a when her daughter is about to get married: “Engkau akan keluar dari kehidupan yang mana engkau membesar didalamnya. Engkau akan pergi ke tempat tidur, di mana kami tidak mengenalinya dan teman yang belum tentu menyayangimu. Jadilah kamu seperti bumi bagi suamimu, maka ia menjadi langit bagimu. Jadilah kamu seperti tanah yang datar baginya, maka ia akan menjadi tiang bagimu. Jadilah kamu di hadapannya seperti budah perempuan, maka ia akan menjadi seorang hamba bagimu. Janganlah kamu menutupi diri darinya, akibatnya ia bisa melemparmu. Jangan pula kamu menjauhinya yang bisa mengakibatkan ia melupakanmu. Jika ia mendekat kepadamu, maka kamu harus lebih mengakrabinya. Jika ia menjauh, maka menjauhilah ia dengan baik. Janganlah kami menilainya kecuali dalam hal-hal yang baik saja. Dan janganlah kamu mendengarkannya kecuali yang baik, dan janganla ia melihat kecuali yang indah pada dirimu.”

hoho.... berjaya sway from the topic (like always)..

okies.. feeling better. so back to work! BERUSAHA!!

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EBA said...

InsyaAllah I'll never emit 'tak nak kawan dah' sign at you ♥
Like that advice, thanks for sharing <(^-^)>