Friday, January 8, 2010

2010... a yr with a BZ beginning


Entering the 2nd week of 2010.. and i think my energy hs bn nearly drained..huhu

1st, my research grant was cut another 2.5k!! sabor je laaaa... after all those defends. so, need to start writing another proposal to IPS to apply the 10k IPS grant (meaning another workload for my research, coz need to add another objective). nway, hopefully will get the short term grant soon.. i havent even start searching for my 150 subjects (thanks to the school for the delay... urghhh..).

okay.. tu grant.. last few days, my supervisor informed me about the 2nd NCEH, and as it is in colloboration with us, PERSALA (postgrads assc) , automatically we need to involved in all those planning, publicity, etc etc.. n atop of all that, i need to submit paper.. (well.. paper tu yg paling penting actually, but i was kept away from writing that paper by all other works)..

our tunas APEX prog (a workshop and hands-on prog in encouraging undergrad to further study), fr a RM7k project, tiba2 jadi RM30k project.. uh uh.. participants kene doubled, nk kene jemput uni luar, penceramah pun nk kene pilih yg ada high impact.. pastu kuiz sc end of this month (blm stat publicity pon lagi.. hoho).. rasa2nyer yg plg senang among all is that kursus kahwin projek.. huhu.. sbb awe just ulang-alik update dgn JAHEIK je (apart for reviewing kertas kerja and budget).

hopefully dlm masa terdekat x dipanggil meeting utk projek PPSK yg last time tunda due to budget constrain.. owh.. n projek amal to kemboja (saya sgt bz, boleh x kalu saya x ikot gi kemboja.. nnti research sy x siap.. huhuhu).. n projek 'pengantarabangsaan' with uni of sydney (walaupun sy teringin nk gi sydney n wat collaboration prog, tp bl fikir2 all the works yg nk kene buat, n meetings yg kene attend b4 the trip, i think i just tunggu my hubby bw sy gi jalan2 kt sana lah.. huhu..)..

apa2 pun.. i'm in a good mood sbb akhir bulan nih nk turun KL for konvensyen pemikiran ISHAB =D over excited nk gi jumpa my my loved oness (ramai nih.. hehehe..)

okay awe.. dh penat membebel utk lessen my stress.. (eventho smlm by berjaya membisingkn diri pasal byk ngt prog masa tepon..).. k awe, BERUSAHALAH!!

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