Monday, March 22, 2010


why did people said 'as busy as bees'? mmg lebah selalu sibuk, deh?

'Sila datang office saya pukul 830, saya ada kije lain nak buat'.. received sms from penggawa daerah sering at 710am. dashed from my bed, shower, iron my clothes, drank a cup of vico.. and by 8am, already in the car.

it took me quite sometimes to search for the office. but as one of my anak usrah lived in that area, i managed to 'tidak mensesatkan diri'.. hehe.. (a pat on my back ^^ ).. discussed about my research.. Alhamdulillah, the penggawa was indeed very helpful. will be having a meeting with all tok penghulu and tok imam next week. hopefully by the end of the following week, i can have all my data collections done for this district. planning to go to pasir puteh as my nx destination.

by 940, already in usm. blm sempat smp lab, dr. dah msg 'jumpa skrg'.. so, campak my bag at the lab, and went to her room, where both of my supervisors were already waiting. reporting my progress, i managed to put xtra task on my shoulder when i agree to give oral presentation for the conference in Bangkok.. n by end of that meeting, i have my schedule full for the nx 2 months (BERUSAHALAH!!)

my checklist for today and tomorrow (wednesday off to KL for NSM conference):

- send abstract
- apply for advance in honororium (details of expenditure)
- register for 5th Congress of Dietetic conference : open PO
- PO for Statistical course
- meet bendahari for things to do in TT transfer to S'pore (ELISA kit)
- search for dietitians n nutritionist available this 10th april.
- letter to apply for staff nurse in blood collection

*** now i know, that being a master student, we learnt to become a kerani also.. with all this surat-menyurat yg perlu dibuat..

"verily, for every difficulties, there is relief" [94:6]

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