Thursday, March 11, 2010


SPM resuts kuar arini..
my younger brother got 8A+ (BI,SJ,PI,MM,FZ,KI,AC,MT), 1B+ (BM), 1B (EST)..
we target a straight As, but, you work hard and already tried your best, so redha with the result.
Sometimes things doesn't turn out the way we thought it should, but as long as we know that we had done the very best, the result doesnt matter.. Congratulations again, abah, mama, and all of us are proud of you.. your journey into the real life had just begun..

** x tau yg result SPM dh tukar sistem. grading ikot uni nyer style (A+, A-, A)

my bro n I (teman kakak jln pon bw buku study ;) )

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Husna said...

Congrats Ahmad!