Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheesy cheese

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My hubby lovess cheese cake ^^
last time makan cheese cake yg sedap (but too memuakkan for me) at secret recipe.. oreo cheese cake ^^.. so balik umah wiken aritu marathon wat cheese cake.. ^o^

i use basic cheese cake recipe with tiny modification (that never failed me before), but used oreo as the base =)

~~ My Oreo Cheese Cake ~~


2 packets of Oreo (biskut marie will also do actually) - remove the centre, hancurkan
50g butter - melted

mix both, tekan2 on your loyang (i use baking paper to alas), and masukkn dlm fridge for about half n hour..


250g cream cheese
200ml whipped cream
2 eggs
1 tbs lemon juice (awe guna half limau nipis)
2tbs flour (ratakan, bukan bumbu)
90g sugar (about 6 tbs)

blend everything!


choc chips/drops sesedap rasa.. just sprinkle on top.

>> pour the filling onto the base, sprinkle choc chips on top.. bake for 45min, 180degree.

>> you need to refrigerate the cake for 4 hours before eating ^^

ps: warning: this can become addictive, and really bad for your waistline n bmi ;)

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