Monday, July 26, 2010


back from konwanis 2010.. alhamdulillah berjaya attend this year. the journey from KB to PD took us more than 10hours (ikut rombongan kelantan).. naik bas rombongan mmg require kesabaran (sbb x sampai2.. huhu).. took it as tarbiyyah diri.. altho i surrender awal2 n book flight ticket back to KB ;p

just reqistered for conference on wellness (UCW).. register for poster presentation. it will be in october, takut time tu bz n kelam-kabut if nk wat oral. still need to prepare a 6months grantt nyer report..

nway, putting that aside, now cracking my brain for this weekend's mukhayyam nyer activities. need to plan for ice-breaking and team building activities yg x membosankan. chaiyok2!!

ps: rindu zaman2 wat aktiviti kt nz..

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