Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'm a nerd

aim to finish all my lab work this week.. marathon lagi..

tgh2 wat vitamin D analysis, tgk2 reagent x cukup.. =( tertekan jugak, tp cepat recover dgn redha. got the manual with the kits, so xtau reagent only enough for 48 duplicates. hence need to order another kit from german which usually takes 2 whole months (due to USM nyer complicated purchasing procedures.. the company only took a week to deliver the kit).. n it's also means another 3thousands ringgit from our budget. luckily we have enough grant. some of my friends who enrolled at the same time with me haven't even got her grant approved.

nothing to write, but sbb blog ni dh bersawang2, so here i'm, blabbing away..

owh... usm block facebook starting today!! yg ni mmg pure tertekan.. so basicly terputus hubungan with outside world. i'm becoming a pure nerds. b4 this already 'half-nerdy'.. bgn pagi, mandi, siap2, masuk lab samp ptg, then blk umah, tgk keje sekolah kalu rajin, tgk tv kalu ada citer best, ko 11 tido. it's been months since my last visit to wakaf che yeh, n my last shopping experience was b4 raya, n my major hangout was with my supervisors. how's that? qualified for a nerd status @@

**dh 3 minggu x balik umah..but a bit traumatized by the summons.. the police do love to saman me :(


mood@yemen said...

he he .... tu bukang nerd akh ... doh kalu selalu dok atas jalang raya memang polih kenal akh... tunggu masa nak kena samang le .. jadi every year during road tax time siap le wallet for the samans or else no road tax dok leh driving .... bagus gok no FB ... good & wise decision by USM ... look at what happen in the united states ... invasion of privacy & other socials ills created....

Qurrata A’ayun said...

huhuhuhuhu~~~ abih duit bayar samang je :( tertekan raser..
nway, selamat bersiap2 utk balik kampung!! ^^