Monday, October 12, 2009

Keep fighting! for those yg ada exam =)

My favourite poem (i've dedicated this to pemudiDD n my zauj b4 ^^)
Post it so all my juniors n friends will continue fighting for their exam..
Usaha + tawakkal... banyakkan doa, jaga hubungan dengan Allah, dan hubungan sesama manusia.. insyaAllah, dipermudahkan..

Learning isn't easy..
frustration tends to set in quickly.
you hurt.
you feel defeated.
you want to give up-
to quit.
you want to walk away
and pretend it doesn't matter.
but you won't,
because you are not a loser-
you are a fighter..

We all have to lose sometimes
before we can win.
We have to cry sometimes
before we can smile.
We have to hurt
before we can be strong.
But if you keep on working
and believing,
you'll have victory
in the end.'

- Ann Davies

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