Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taman Awam Miri

last weekend tak kuar sgt sbb my laling involved with kem solat. but in the evening, ada masa free, so kuar round2 kejap. b4 this, time ncah ada we couldn't find this public park. salah masuk jalan rupanyer. this time pun nyaris2 terlepas, dh terlajak jalan n miss main gate, mujur ada rear entrance.

taman ni about 3km from the city centre, on the right side of the long, hilly road to miri airport/bintulu. quite a distance from our place. nway, just nk pamer few shoots that my laling took (me sibuk nk masuk gmbr, so he's the one capturing ^^)..

from the parking lot nmpk jambatan gantung merentasi taman nih.

berpeluh jugak nk sampai ke 1st tangga kat hujung tu.. huhu..

shots of the bridge from diff angles. ada budak nyebok masuk gmbr ;p

the playground. sbb pegi tgh2hari, so xde budak2 main. on the 2nd thought, there's hardly anyone there, apart from a family barbecuing. maybe pagi2 n ptg sket br ramai org kot.

ada man-made waterfall yg cantik gak ^^

the main think that captured my eyes was this pool.. but its only for children 12yrs n below.. uu uuu... nk main~~
xsempat nk round semua tempat. observational tower pun xpegi. n review ckp ada fountain gak. my laling sibuk ajak balik, dia nk main bola pulak.. blk br lalu kt front entrance. nx time u r searching for this place, look for this pintu gerbang ^^

nnti my family dtg plan nk dtg picnik kt sini ^^

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