Saturday, January 31, 2009

how bUsy is BUSY??

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I had travel a lot for the last few weeks.. rasa mcm nk termuntah ade gak naik bas tuh.. huhu.. nway, btahan till i'm expert enough to drive myself..hehe... berusaha!!

went to visit my Naqibah in Melaka [cayang awak! =)].. she went back to NZ already, hopefully her exam went well.. insyaAllah..

the following week went to Semai Mesra =) seeing the juniors really brought back memories. it's really funny waiting for the juniors at the komuter station.. hehe... holding the Semai Mesra signboard. some of the guys there actually make fun of us. sabo je laa.. nway, we managed to ignored them. waited for a couple of hours.. dari panas, till mendung, then hujan dgn hebatnyer (managed to soak ourselves quite successfully :p ), then panas semula.. hehe....

i only spent 2days at the Semai Mesra. xsempat nk betul2 menyemaikan kemesraan with adik2. sabtu mlm ahad tu, i bertolak blk kmm..need to work on Sunday.. huhu.. i reserved my cuti for the following Sunday.

the following week was for JALINAN =D i hv been waiting for this event for few months. hehe... really want to meet the akhwat. staying in Trg sedikit sebyk dah men'slow'kn my tarbiyyah =/ prog2 pun xsebyk yg biasa we buat. insyaAllah, this year PEMBINA ganu will work harder. Gambatte!!

back to JALINAN, when i arrived at stesen komuter labu.. Subhanallah.. i only saw a whole lot of akhwat there =D hehe.. tiba2 jd excited terlebih. there's no one else (except few ikhwah yg satu komuter.. but they all trcampak jauh sket bcoz akhwat memenuhi ruang depan). i think, this is what we call ukhuwwah =) altho some of them i never met b4, but bila dh kumpul tu, cm dh lama kenal. hehe..

Overall, the best part in JALINAN was Ust Halim's speech.. if i were to describe it in a word, i would choose 'MasyaAllah'. totally terkesan dihati.. like we alwayz said.. sesuatu yg lahir dr hati, akan jatuh ke hati.. it reminds me back to the first time when our semangat bkobar2..dimana we feel kemanisan tarbiyyah n prjuangan.. sometimes i wonder, how come, aft came back.. it became pudar n malap? is it due to lack of bi'ah? tarbiyyah yg dilalui selama few years at OZ/NZ, x cukupkah utk teguhkn kita dijalan ini when we came back to M'sia? xmampukah utk bdiri dgn kaki sendiri? i always mengeluh (i know, it's not good).. i want my old naqibah..i want the surrounding, the prog like we used to do at Otago.. i want the same adik2, i want my hawariyyun, i want my 'iffah back.. but for how long should i live in my good old memory? someone told me.. if u want it, then u should stat your own usrah group, so u can plan activities like u used to do.. yes.. ideally i should...the question is not whether i could, but whether i'm willing to start.. i were too lost. i used to be in the comfort zone. not it's the time to go out, explore, take the chance, n just do it.. Alhamdulillah.. He sent me someone to ketuk my kepala n make me move.. planning, trying, n gathering my courage to do something.. working in Malaysia is just toooo diff from NZ. there are more challenges, more obstacles, and need more sacrifices.. but insyaAllah.. teguhkan hati, ikhlaskan niat.. moga Allah mmberkati dan terus mmberi kekuatan utk melangkah..

ish... camner blh jd diary tarbiyyah msia instead of jalinan, nih? nway.. ust halim's word, alhamdulillah, gave me more strength (moga Allah merahmati usahanya). back to jalinan, the place was Ok.. wat prog with ikhwah-akhwat, x sama cam wat prog ngan adik2.. we dont really need to care whether it's comfortable or not. hehe.. mlm time tido, nmpk cam kawasan pelarian pun ade gak. huhu.. for me, until 1 smtg, i still didnt managed to find a place to squeeze n sleep. huhu.. last2, aft removing whole lot of boxes, manage to have a short nap (i wont call it a sleep)..huhu.... the most memorable thing was, i actually managed to tertinggal bas balik! n it was the last bus!! that was the scariest moment in mylife.. waiting for my friend's mum to fetch me at the bus stand near Putra at 1230am.. mamat2 motor me'hon'kn me, n pakcik2 taxi keep berenti in front of me..seriously,all those time, i was thinking of running if anyone approaches..huhu.... Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happen.. but instead of ponteng keje ahad (i'm supposed to work ahad), i ponteng ahad n isnin..coz isnin prg br samp umah. hehe... (xde laa ponteng.. need to amik cuti tanpa gaji)

next is Mukhayyam zon timur.. waaa... this time, i pecahkn my own record. driving by myself to KT. x penah2 dlm sejarah hidup driving a long distance alone in Msia. walaupun xde laa jauh sgt, 3hours journey. but mmg survival laa.. i dont even know where's the place. samp2 area KT, i was totally lost. i got the address, but i didnt see any signboard to show the place. last2, berenti kt gerai2 mkn, and ask for direction (malu bertanya, sesat jalan :p ).. Allhamdulillah, Allah permudahkn, tempat mukhayyam tu just brhampiran ngan tmpt i ask the direction. i was among the first yg samp, apart from akhwat KT themselves.

gembira je kt mukhayyam.. some of akhwat Kltn were those yg dh join KLSPM last 2months =) jumpa baby ahmad albab =D chomeyy sgt (we gv him the came coz die suke main pintu masa kat KLSPM..hehe).. eventho ramai akhwt senior, but managed to blend in well. sporting je makcik2 nih rupenyer. from the taaruf n activities, i conclude that in order to tsabat in this, the family need to also be in jemaah.. everyone was asked about their zauj..hehe... n all answered that it was thro BM.. (i was impressed actually by this =) )

wah.. dh panjang rupenyer.. my younger sister was saying that 'kak.. ni, every weekend keje die mhabiskan duit je'.. but, i'm lucky that altho my family was not in this together, they never forbid n scold me when i 'went missing'.. smg Allah mmberikn hidayah n petunjuk kepada kami semua.. amiinn...

ok.. got lot of work to do.. till then.. Assalamualaikum ^^