Monday, April 26, 2010

Ujian yg pelbagai

my research is going smoothly so far.. praises to The Almighty..

skrg dh tgh preparation for final sampling. rabu akan pergi survey tempat kt Gunong Stong, Jeli (3hours drvive from here). nk kene angkut segala bagai alat2, penat isi borang nk kuarkn alat dr school. aft sampling boleh focus kt my biochemical analysis. pagi td dh dapat email yg company akan send one of the kits tomorrow. alhamdulillah.

i am being very positive on everything. being optimistic. i'm working hard. i study hard. i woke up early for qiam. i recite qur'an. i perform my solat hajat. i recite yassin after subuh utk mudahkan urusan for that day. as smooth as my study, i'm hoping the best for my family. i plan where to stay if my family grew. i plan what to do if in God's willing i managed to convert to phd. no matter how i hate planning b4, i did plan thoroughly for my near future. i'm being optimistic~ until i had to break my fast today. i got my period. i dont want to accept it, but i got my period. i wont be able to use my upt kit.

i told myself that u cant hv anything you want. it won't be that easy. i told myself you cant be mad. who u want to be mad to? jgn berperangai mcm org yg tak beriman. but here i am, blaming everything in this life..

blaming everything that can be blamed.



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saya pening

Hari ni saya pening n sakit kepala..

sistem USM health campus ni memang expert bab kasi org headache. my 2nd sampling this wiken. alhamdulillah, cukup lg duit. but, kalau kira2, mmg duit yg ada kt tangan mmg bakal habis dgn hebatnyer wiken nih. tiap2 kali sampling habis 3-4ribu. nx week dh nk ke Jeli. mmg confirm it will cost more that mere 4k. sbb jauh, nk kene book homestay for the team, duit minyak lagi.. rasa2nya dh lbh 3 minggu send tuntutan honororium, yesterday called bendahari, dia ckp, that form baru samp, so need another 14days to process. sabooo je laa..

then tepon k'den, petty cash yg apply last 2 weeks x sampai pn lagi. *dush..

i know i should apply samb kt otago je. confirm x pening ngan all this management problems. *haih.. nway, nothing is easy, yet nothing is impossible also.. BERUSAHA!

Thursday, April 15, 2010 collection..

Alhamdulillah.. all praises to The Almighty, for He is the one who allows things to be done..

I'm getting ready for my 2nd data collection, this time, 'calmly' :). the 1st one promised a lot of experiences to gain. and it really thought me a lot of things indeed. i'm really thankful that i'm not really as 'alone' as i thought i was during preparation for the sampling. preparing for the study can be really stressful, but believing that by the end of the day everything will be OK gave the strength to leap over every hurdles.

1st data collection was at KB. the nearest place to USM. a total 58 subjects turned up (min sampling was 50) (actually i was worried if to many people came, as we dont really hv enough money for honororium.. huhu)..

i'm really impressed by how helpful and supportive all those tok penggawa n penghulu2 kampung. they were the ones gathering the makcik2 for my research and even mengangkut the subjects to the sampling site (thank you!).

the morning had been hectic, so dont really hv time to snap pictures. took the pic aft finished half of the data collection. even the blood collection team hd already finished their job! huhu..

around the 1st sampling

I'm thankful that He had surrounded me with wonderful people.. gathering early in the morning during weekend, and spent the whole morning trying to be patients with the makcik2 who sometimes didnt really know how to follow the order and didnt understand what we were asking. huhu..

1 down, had two more data collection to be done.. after that can focus on my analysis.

Moga dipermudahkan.. insyaAllah..