Friday, September 17, 2010

Post raya

Kejap je dh seminggu syawal (selamat Hari raya 6 abah =).. abah dh abih pose 6, anak2 sehari pun x stat pose lagi.. huhu... ) few jemputan kenduri kawin, ada yg dtg umah n mewajibkan pergi.. huhu... so terasa sgt serba salah nk pergi yg mana.. kalau semua dekat2 sini, blh laa pergi semua.. so, afwan kerana x dpt memenuhi semua jemputan.. sy iringkn doa barakAllahulakuma..

dh habis raya, kene kembali ke dunia yg nyata.. fail2 keje sekolah menunggu (tidak!!!! huhuhu).. mlm esok nk kene email abstract.. 2minggu ni (since b4 raya) duk ngadap paper, tp cuma 1 page yg berjaya ditaip.. die.. huhu... bad girl, awe.. bad girl...

but, i work best under pressure.. so.. gambatte!! chaiyok2!!

buku2 resepi tolak tepi dulu..

ps: thank you to my x-students yg dtg memenuhkan rumah..its great to see you guys again (altho tergezut tgk ramai ngat, takut x cukup makanan..) dh besar2 semua.. hehe..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubarak

"Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum"

ertinya : Semoga Allah menerima amalan (amalan dan ibadat di Ramadhan) kami dan kamu.

Have a Happy Eid everyone!

1st and 2nd day of raya will be at my hometown.
3rd n 4th day at Segamat.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sometimes we take things for granted..

The life that we had..
The loved ones around us..
The money that never seems enough..
The clothes that we wear..
People always wanted more of everything, anything..
Rarely, we looked around..
Look at those in need..
Look at those who had less..
Look at those who struggle to live..- yet never once complaining

Today, I went to Puteri Harapan. It’s been a weekly routine since I moved here. Sometimes twice or trice per week. Had planned to go n meet my anak2 usrah since Wednesday, but was caught up with other social obligations.

Went to buy some sampul duit raya and some cookies first. I want to bake some cookies for them, but too preoccupied with other stuff, so main ngelat and bought some choc chips cookies in fancy boxes instead (later I realize that my choc chip cookies taste a lot better). Arrived, greeted by those kids that always seems excited when they see me (I always wonder, why.. I hardly memorized their names… =( sorry.. but it’s not my fault, there are more than 100 of them!).

Asked for angah, but she went out with the warden. So, asked whether Dillah was there, and was told that she already went back home. The girl said “emak dia kan dah takde”.. and I blur-ly asked “emak dia gi mane?”. . her mom died. Hit by a car while crossing the road. My sweet Dillah, always the most punctual one in usrah, and always the 1st completed her homework, never once she missed my spm English class.. my sweet Dillah who had suffered the lost of a father, whose life had been so difficult, yet never giving up.. now, she lost her mother.

The 1st time I went to her home was because her mom was sick, but didn’t want to be warded.. “takdo oghe nk jago hok bongsu”.. (no one to look after) her 12year-old brother. Her eldest sister is still in college, and her elder brother is still studying somewhere. The house was in a really ‘dhaif’ state.. her mum worked as a kitchen helper during the day, and sewing clothes when she had time. I remember cautiously stepping on the floor as it creaked under my foot.. here and there you can see holes straight to the ground. Today, I went to her home for the second time, greeted by some unfamiliar face –her uncle-. She’s still in her praying cloth. Still being strong, still smiling when she saw me. And it crosses my heart: the thought, why? she had suffered enough. . “Allah uji sebab sayang.. Allah uji sebab dia mampu hadapi..” I said that in my heart over and over again..

Silently, I pray.. May Allah gives her patients to face the test, May Allah gives her strength to carry on..


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Convert or not to convert~

my 2nd milestone for biochemical analysis is in Dec, but, right now, there's only 1 analysis left. had just received my serum vit D kits, n iA aft raya holiday, i'll completed all my lab work n start focusing on the statistical analysis and writing up my thesis. it seems like i'll completed all my research and at least half of my thesis within 1 year.. so, am entitled for conversion.

b4 this, semangat berkobar2 nk convert phd.. sbb fikir nnti senang, xyah nk pening2 dh nk re-apply kt uni.. my supervisor pun dh start kasi journal2 utk dibaca for phd proposal.. but lately (not that recently.. this has been going on for quite sometimes) i just feel like packing up my stuff and move.. there's nothing wrong with uni, but sometimes i get too tired of traveling. being away from my family is one thing, but being away from my husband is a major thing. most of my money goes to the flight tickets to KL and for the petrol to travel home during weekends. money is a lame excuse, it's not that i'm having any financial difficulties or anything.. i just don't feel like having a pjj anymore..


** looking at the journal without any progress since yesterday.. n keep flicking through the ad for rental apartment in gombak.. saya.nak.pindah.