Monday, March 22, 2010


why did people said 'as busy as bees'? mmg lebah selalu sibuk, deh?

'Sila datang office saya pukul 830, saya ada kije lain nak buat'.. received sms from penggawa daerah sering at 710am. dashed from my bed, shower, iron my clothes, drank a cup of vico.. and by 8am, already in the car.

it took me quite sometimes to search for the office. but as one of my anak usrah lived in that area, i managed to 'tidak mensesatkan diri'.. hehe.. (a pat on my back ^^ ).. discussed about my research.. Alhamdulillah, the penggawa was indeed very helpful. will be having a meeting with all tok penghulu and tok imam next week. hopefully by the end of the following week, i can have all my data collections done for this district. planning to go to pasir puteh as my nx destination.

by 940, already in usm. blm sempat smp lab, dr. dah msg 'jumpa skrg'.. so, campak my bag at the lab, and went to her room, where both of my supervisors were already waiting. reporting my progress, i managed to put xtra task on my shoulder when i agree to give oral presentation for the conference in Bangkok.. n by end of that meeting, i have my schedule full for the nx 2 months (BERUSAHALAH!!)

my checklist for today and tomorrow (wednesday off to KL for NSM conference):

- send abstract
- apply for advance in honororium (details of expenditure)
- register for 5th Congress of Dietetic conference : open PO
- PO for Statistical course
- meet bendahari for things to do in TT transfer to S'pore (ELISA kit)
- search for dietitians n nutritionist available this 10th april.
- letter to apply for staff nurse in blood collection

*** now i know, that being a master student, we learnt to become a kerani also.. with all this surat-menyurat yg perlu dibuat..

"verily, for every difficulties, there is relief" [94:6]

Thursday, March 11, 2010


SPM resuts kuar arini..
my younger brother got 8A+ (BI,SJ,PI,MM,FZ,KI,AC,MT), 1B+ (BM), 1B (EST)..
we target a straight As, but, you work hard and already tried your best, so redha with the result.
Sometimes things doesn't turn out the way we thought it should, but as long as we know that we had done the very best, the result doesnt matter.. Congratulations again, abah, mama, and all of us are proud of you.. your journey into the real life had just begun..

** x tau yg result SPM dh tukar sistem. grading ikot uni nyer style (A+, A-, A)

my bro n I (teman kakak jln pon bw buku study ;) )

Sunday, March 7, 2010

my 1st train journey to Segamat =)

1030.. a glance at my watch showed that the train was delayed for more than a quarter of hour. Waiting for my hubby to send me off, I was worried about the journey back to KB fr segamat. Fr KB, I booked a bed (or what-eva-it-is-called). It was a good trip. Having the bed all for myself, and don’t need to ‘beramah-mesra’ with any other passengers (not because I’m anti-social, but I had a busy day, and rest-to-the fullest during the journey had became my motto :p). The ‘bed-seating’ was sold out. So, I bought the most-‘expensive’ seat (which is a second class :( … I was nagging for a 1st class ticket.. but apparently there’s NO 1st class ticket for KB-S’pore train). (price KB-Segamat: RM47 lower bed, RM41 upper bed, RM37 2nd class seat, I’m not sure bout the 3rd class one.. I think its pretty cheap).

i googled this image

Saying goodbye to my beloved husband (without hugs n kisses- no PDA ;p), I board the train to endure my 10 hours journey (min) ON A SEAT for the whole night, with the lights turned on the whole night (unlike buses, they didn’t switch off the light). The seat besides me was empty (Alhamdulillah..).. I was arranging my stuff, and started reading the novel I bought when I realized someone was observing me. I ignored him for a moment before asking whether his seat is beside me (which I pray not). I can always tell if someone is hitting on me, and it’s really annoying. Saying something like there’s prob with his seat (which seems really unlikely), and asking if I mind if he seats beside me (of course laa I mind, bodo laa mamat nih ß dlm hati), I said ‘cannot’ with a cold face.. trying to ignore the fact that someone was STANDING beside my seat in a MOVING train, I pretended to be reading. But it’s getting really uncomfortable when he keeps trying to start a conversation. My final resort was texting my husband ‘call me ASAP’.. apologizing, I answered my hubby’s call, facing the opposite way. All praise to Him, that guy went away when the train conductor came to check for ticket. I was feeling nervous the whole journey, in case he came again.

Moral of the story, book early, and book for a bed instead of seat. It can be a really enjoyable journey. When u are bored, you can always walk around, from coach to coach. And there’s even a cafeteria =) there are private room in the train to KL, but none for this one. Next time I want to try that private room (would cost me around 200 maybe).. but if and only if i got ample time (50 min on flight versus 12hours on train.. hoho)..

I need to say this, to all the guys out there, jadilah manusia berguna.. there are too many guys yg tak jadi ‘orang’ dah. Value your life. Stop doing stupid things (like hitting on people that is obviously trying to ignore you).