Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Colourful bracelets of Sarawak

My second week in Sarawak.. life have been quite mundane since nicah went back home.. everyday, woke up, make breakfast, my laling pegi keje.. then menyapu2, kemas2, basuh kain, jemur kain.. then stat masak lunch.. my laling balik lunch (^^), duk termenung sambil berpura2 wat keje sekolah (:p) wat kuih sket2 for tea n pk nk masak ape for dinner.. then, my laling balik, dia kuar main volley ball or whatever-games-they-have, n me kuar jogging, balik masak dinner, maghrib, dinner, isyak, then dh ngantuk smb pk nk masak apa for bekfes.. haha.. mind you, isyak is at 730pm.. huh.. malam sgt blur xtau nk wat ape. . n to think that my whole life ambition since young is to be a housewife! huhu... maybe part-time housewife shud be ok.. need to find a job asap! (OK.. Ok... my thesis x siap lagi.. dush!)

Most of the time, line internet sgt slow or x dpt langsung =(.. this morning its exceptionally laju.. (thats why instead of jemur kain, i'm sitting here blogging.. hoho).. nway, last week we went to Bintulu, melawat Adtec Bintulu that are supposed to siap end of this year (which is now).. but it seems no where near completion..

Adtec Bintulu

So, selagi x siap, we'll be staying in Miri.. n call this place "home".. No complaining what so ever though.. its a very spacious apartment, 3 bedrooms n 2 washrooms,complete with furniture n he had bought all the electrical appliances n fill the kitchen for me =)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Miri.. here I come!

source: here

I looovveeeee eating sushi..
the only place where I can find shushi here is in Tesco :(
in NZ, we can easily buy short grain rice to make shushi.. kt sini.. jgn harap laa..
so, I hope there are lots of sushi place in Miri ^^

saying gudbye to my USM friends in Kltn.. will move to Miri in less than 3 weeks! yippee!! (yippee coz I dont really 'in-favour' of living here, not yippee coz i'll be living in sarawak.. huhuhu..)

ps: already survey tiket balik fr Miri.. hehe..ape2 pun nothing beats home!