Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Colourful bracelets of Sarawak

My second week in Sarawak.. life have been quite mundane since nicah went back home.. everyday, woke up, make breakfast, my laling pegi keje.. then menyapu2, kemas2, basuh kain, jemur kain.. then stat masak lunch.. my laling balik lunch (^^), duk termenung sambil berpura2 wat keje sekolah (:p) wat kuih sket2 for tea n pk nk masak ape for dinner.. then, my laling balik, dia kuar main volley ball or whatever-games-they-have, n me kuar jogging, balik masak dinner, maghrib, dinner, isyak, then dh ngantuk smb pk nk masak apa for bekfes.. haha.. mind you, isyak is at 730pm.. huh.. malam sgt blur xtau nk wat ape. . n to think that my whole life ambition since young is to be a housewife! huhu... maybe part-time housewife shud be ok.. need to find a job asap! (OK.. Ok... my thesis x siap lagi.. dush!)

Most of the time, line internet sgt slow or x dpt langsung =(.. this morning its exceptionally laju.. (thats why instead of jemur kain, i'm sitting here blogging.. hoho).. nway, last week we went to Bintulu, melawat Adtec Bintulu that are supposed to siap end of this year (which is now).. but it seems no where near completion..

Adtec Bintulu

So, selagi x siap, we'll be staying in Miri.. n call this place "home".. No complaining what so ever though.. its a very spacious apartment, 3 bedrooms n 2 washrooms,complete with furniture n he had bought all the electrical appliances n fill the kitchen for me =)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Miri.. here I come!

source: here

I looovveeeee eating sushi..
the only place where I can find shushi here is in Tesco :(
in NZ, we can easily buy short grain rice to make shushi.. kt sini.. jgn harap laa..
so, I hope there are lots of sushi place in Miri ^^

saying gudbye to my USM friends in Kltn.. will move to Miri in less than 3 weeks! yippee!! (yippee coz I dont really 'in-favour' of living here, not yippee coz i'll be living in sarawak.. huhuhu..)

ps: already survey tiket balik fr Miri.. hehe..ape2 pun nothing beats home!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010


O Allah..
Please grant me patience in facing difficulties and disappointments in life

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sami Yusuf:
Asma of Allah

Raheem, Kareemun, 'Adheem, 'Aleemun,
Haleem, Hakeemun, Mateen
(Merciful, Generous, Incomparably Great, All-Knowing
Forbearing, Wise, Firm)

Mannaan, Rahmaanun, Fattaah, Ghaffaarun
Tawwaab, Razzaaqun, Shaheed
(Bestower of blessings, Most Compassionate, Opener, Forgiver
Accepter of Repentance, Provider, Witness)

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad, wa aali Muhammad
(O my Lord send salutations upon Muhammad
And upon the Family of Muhammad

Ya Muslimeen sallou 'alayh
(O Muslims, send salutations upon him)

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad, wa sahbi Muhammad
(O my Lord send salutations upon Muhammad
And upon the Companions of Muhammad

Ya Mu'mineen sallou 'alayh
(O believers, send salutations upon him)

Lateef, Khabeerun, Samee', Baseerun
Jaleel, Raqeebun, Mujeeb
(Gentle, All-Aware, All-Hearing, All-Seeing
Majestic, Watchful, Responsive)

Ghafur, Shakourun, Wadud, Qayyumun
Ra'uf, Saburun, Majeed
(Forgiving, Appreciative, Loving, Self-Existing by Whom all subsist
Most Kind, Patient, Most Glorious)

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad, wa aali Muhammad
(O my Lord send salutations upon Muhammad
And upon the Family of Muhammad)
Ya Muslimeen sallou 'alayh
(O Muslims, send salutations upon him)

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad, wa sahbi Muhammad
(O my Lord send salutations upon Muhammad
And upon the Companions of Muhammad)
Ya Mu'mineen sallou 'alayh
(O believers, send salutations upon him)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
La Ilaaha Illahu, Al Malikul Quddoos
(God is Greater, God is Greater
There is no god but Him, the King, the Most Holy)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Ya Rahmanu irham dha'fana
(O Most Compassionate! Have compassion on our weakness)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Ya Ghaffaaru ighfir thunoubana
(O Forgiver! Forgive our sins)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Ya Sattaaru ostour 'ouyoubana
(O Concealer! Conceal our defects)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Ya Mu'izzu a'izza ummatana
(O Bestower of honour! Bestow honour on our Ummah)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Ya Mujeebu ajib duýaa'ana
(O Responsive One! Answer our prayers)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Ya Lateefu oltof binaa (x3)
(O Gentle One! Show gentleness to us)

Oltof binaa
(Show gentleness to us)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Healthy Life

back from Conference on Wellness 2010 at UDM. Lucky I only present poster instead of oral.. got this nasty cold and sore-throat since friday night.

The main take home msg from UCW '10 are:

The prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases are increasing. compared to the contagious diseases, more and more people found themselves with life-style related diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancers).

Obesity is on rise with alarming rate. Asian has higher body fat composition compared to Caucasian with similar body mass index (BMI), hence current cut-off point of overweight (25) is not suitable for Asian. There has been argument to establish a new range of BMI for Asian (normal 18.5-22.9, and overweight >23).

Prof. Rabidarjeet (IPPT,USM) had suggested the "prescription" of exercise to maintain health. the doctors are encouraged to "prescribe regular exercise" for patients, and the results can be obtained after 4-6 weeks. exercise should be done continuously (without stopping) for at least 10mins to be effective. the MOH 10,000 steps per day campaign is equivalent to walking for 3-5km/day.

1 in 20 women is at risk of developing breast cancer, regular self-check should be done. high body fat and diet high in fat and protein will increase the risk as fat n protein stimulate tumor growth. yearly pap smear are 'mandatory' to prevent cervical cancer.

Prevention is cheaper than cure. health promotion should be done more vigorously, so that the country wont suffer from spending billions and billions of money to treat un"cure"able diseases.

Wellness = appropriate nutrition intake + regular exercise. WHO releases that 2.7 million death are attributed to diet low on fruit and vegetable alone (19% being gastrointestinal cancer).

and lastly, wellness also include mental health @ spiritual wellbeing. being accepting, harmony, forgiving, grateful, and sincere; all lead to spiritual wellness. the guideline is already there- illustrated in the al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah.

**** have a healthy and happy life, everyone!****

** the poster i presented. only from a small retrospective study that we did in USM.. not from my master's research =)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

new pg room ^^

after nearly a year being a master student, finally, got my own table and a place in post-grad room.. the school open a new post-grad room (the current one is really2 crowded).

my table.. baru hari ni stat duduk. x start men'chomey'kan lagi..

the still-empty room. kiri kanan xde orang.. so, my beg parking kt kerusi org lain.. hehe.. at this moment, baru ada 4 org penghuni tetap.. so kami duk bising2 dlm ni wat mcm umah sendiri..

but, even after more than a year here, i still miss my old uni. *sigh~~ missing my old lab.. my friends n colleagues back at Otago.. the learning system, the facilities, and the 'smoothness' of lab works..

mama n abah @ my uni -2007

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


i LOVE naik train yg ada katil.. teringat dulu masa 1st year, teringin sgt nk naik train yg ada katil (Tengganu xde train), sanggup naik bas ke KB, then naik train ke KL.. haha.. that time nk gi kacau geng2 kt IMU.. so ke KB jumpa 'mak' Seri, then naik train sama2 ke KL ^^

Skrg, as my in-laws kt Segamat, dgn berbahagianyer naik train.. hehe... tp, kene beli awal2, kalau x katil sold-out.. naik train yg kerusi is a nightmare (i'm exaggerating.. but, it's horrible!).. from wakaf bharu to Segamat, katil bawah will cost you RM47 one-way. katil atas murah skit, around 40-42inggit.

add pics in the couch. very low quality one.. my camera hp dh at the edge of dying.. huhu~

my bed, no 12 (bersepah as usual)

nmpk view kampung2 di pedalaman di pagi hari. in some ways it makes you appreciate what you have in life. i cant imagine having to live in a very-very really rural area (did i stress the 'ruralness' enough? ;p sgt2 hulu pedalaman..)

inside view

i usually bring some novels with me.. but always susah nk baca, coz naik je, terus traik langsir n bergelap2 malas nk bersosial ngn org lain. on the way balik (after few times travel lingby train), baru realized ade lampu kecik rupanyer at the corner.. sabo je laa..

rows of beds
bila tutup langsir, you hardly know whether there r people inside.

katil atas kecik sikit

ketapi @ wakaf bharu

train all the way to s'pore..

** cuti sekolah nk naik train gi Kulai tgk kimi ^^

Thursday, October 7, 2010

i'm a nerd

aim to finish all my lab work this week.. marathon lagi..

tgh2 wat vitamin D analysis, tgk2 reagent x cukup.. =( tertekan jugak, tp cepat recover dgn redha. got the manual with the kits, so xtau reagent only enough for 48 duplicates. hence need to order another kit from german which usually takes 2 whole months (due to USM nyer complicated purchasing procedures.. the company only took a week to deliver the kit).. n it's also means another 3thousands ringgit from our budget. luckily we have enough grant. some of my friends who enrolled at the same time with me haven't even got her grant approved.

nothing to write, but sbb blog ni dh bersawang2, so here i'm, blabbing away..

owh... usm block facebook starting today!! yg ni mmg pure tertekan.. so basicly terputus hubungan with outside world. i'm becoming a pure nerds. b4 this already 'half-nerdy'.. bgn pagi, mandi, siap2, masuk lab samp ptg, then blk umah, tgk keje sekolah kalu rajin, tgk tv kalu ada citer best, ko 11 tido. it's been months since my last visit to wakaf che yeh, n my last shopping experience was b4 raya, n my major hangout was with my supervisors. how's that? qualified for a nerd status @@

**dh 3 minggu x balik umah..but a bit traumatized by the summons.. the police do love to saman me :(

Friday, September 17, 2010

Post raya

Kejap je dh seminggu syawal (selamat Hari raya 6 abah =).. abah dh abih pose 6, anak2 sehari pun x stat pose lagi.. huhu... ) few jemputan kenduri kawin, ada yg dtg umah n mewajibkan pergi.. huhu... so terasa sgt serba salah nk pergi yg mana.. kalau semua dekat2 sini, blh laa pergi semua.. so, afwan kerana x dpt memenuhi semua jemputan.. sy iringkn doa barakAllahulakuma..

dh habis raya, kene kembali ke dunia yg nyata.. fail2 keje sekolah menunggu (tidak!!!! huhuhu).. mlm esok nk kene email abstract.. 2minggu ni (since b4 raya) duk ngadap paper, tp cuma 1 page yg berjaya ditaip.. die.. huhu... bad girl, awe.. bad girl...

but, i work best under pressure.. so.. gambatte!! chaiyok2!!

buku2 resepi tolak tepi dulu..

ps: thank you to my x-students yg dtg memenuhkan rumah..its great to see you guys again (altho tergezut tgk ramai ngat, takut x cukup makanan..) dh besar2 semua.. hehe..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubarak

"Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum"

ertinya : Semoga Allah menerima amalan (amalan dan ibadat di Ramadhan) kami dan kamu.

Have a Happy Eid everyone!

1st and 2nd day of raya will be at my hometown.
3rd n 4th day at Segamat.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sometimes we take things for granted..

The life that we had..
The loved ones around us..
The money that never seems enough..
The clothes that we wear..
People always wanted more of everything, anything..
Rarely, we looked around..
Look at those in need..
Look at those who had less..
Look at those who struggle to live..- yet never once complaining

Today, I went to Puteri Harapan. It’s been a weekly routine since I moved here. Sometimes twice or trice per week. Had planned to go n meet my anak2 usrah since Wednesday, but was caught up with other social obligations.

Went to buy some sampul duit raya and some cookies first. I want to bake some cookies for them, but too preoccupied with other stuff, so main ngelat and bought some choc chips cookies in fancy boxes instead (later I realize that my choc chip cookies taste a lot better). Arrived, greeted by those kids that always seems excited when they see me (I always wonder, why.. I hardly memorized their names… =( sorry.. but it’s not my fault, there are more than 100 of them!).

Asked for angah, but she went out with the warden. So, asked whether Dillah was there, and was told that she already went back home. The girl said “emak dia kan dah takde”.. and I blur-ly asked “emak dia gi mane?”. . her mom died. Hit by a car while crossing the road. My sweet Dillah, always the most punctual one in usrah, and always the 1st completed her homework, never once she missed my spm English class.. my sweet Dillah who had suffered the lost of a father, whose life had been so difficult, yet never giving up.. now, she lost her mother.

The 1st time I went to her home was because her mom was sick, but didn’t want to be warded.. “takdo oghe nk jago hok bongsu”.. (no one to look after) her 12year-old brother. Her eldest sister is still in college, and her elder brother is still studying somewhere. The house was in a really ‘dhaif’ state.. her mum worked as a kitchen helper during the day, and sewing clothes when she had time. I remember cautiously stepping on the floor as it creaked under my foot.. here and there you can see holes straight to the ground. Today, I went to her home for the second time, greeted by some unfamiliar face –her uncle-. She’s still in her praying cloth. Still being strong, still smiling when she saw me. And it crosses my heart: the thought, why? she had suffered enough. . “Allah uji sebab sayang.. Allah uji sebab dia mampu hadapi..” I said that in my heart over and over again..

Silently, I pray.. May Allah gives her patients to face the test, May Allah gives her strength to carry on..


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Convert or not to convert~

my 2nd milestone for biochemical analysis is in Dec, but, right now, there's only 1 analysis left. had just received my serum vit D kits, n iA aft raya holiday, i'll completed all my lab work n start focusing on the statistical analysis and writing up my thesis. it seems like i'll completed all my research and at least half of my thesis within 1 year.. so, am entitled for conversion.

b4 this, semangat berkobar2 nk convert phd.. sbb fikir nnti senang, xyah nk pening2 dh nk re-apply kt uni.. my supervisor pun dh start kasi journal2 utk dibaca for phd proposal.. but lately (not that recently.. this has been going on for quite sometimes) i just feel like packing up my stuff and move.. there's nothing wrong with uni, but sometimes i get too tired of traveling. being away from my family is one thing, but being away from my husband is a major thing. most of my money goes to the flight tickets to KL and for the petrol to travel home during weekends. money is a lame excuse, it's not that i'm having any financial difficulties or anything.. i just don't feel like having a pjj anymore..


** looking at the journal without any progress since yesterday.. n keep flicking through the ad for rental apartment in gombak.. saya.nak.pindah.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sroot sroot.. sniff sniff.. runny nose..

dh 3 hari x sihat.. last 2 days terpaksa menguatkan diri siapkn ELISA, tp mcm terketar2 pipet antibody and conjugate.. result pun x berapa nk cantik.. uu uuuu.. kits that costed me 5k... =(

arini tak gi sekolah.. tp x bagitau doc pun.. huk huk.. jgn tepon saya..

moga mlm ni blh tido dgn lenanyer.. blocked-nose, xleh napas time nk tido..

...mama~~ nk balik~~~
** nape time demam mesti nak panggil mama?

Friday, August 13, 2010

breaking fast~~

apple pie.. owh apple pie..time tgh baking, sgt menguji keimanan.. hihi~

ayam paprik yang best! nyummy nyum! altho sedikit pedas..

n pesal my cendol nmpk sgt retard.. gemok2.. such an hassle to make. need to change the recipe or find some other hassle-free recipe (will post it when i managed to make one)..

lastly, mee goreng mamak.. bcoz we rarely eat rice masa berbuka puasa. so need another form of carbo.

those r yesterday's.

today's menu will be nasi kerabu (owh~ another loongg day.. nasi kerabu sgt cerewet utk dibuat.. but nicah wants it~)

planning on making puding caramel. but ada 1 buku besar roti utk dihabiskan.. so thinking of sardine roll also.. hmmm.. which one.. maybe both? and already bought peach for peach cobbler.. kiv this one for tomorrow..

** one of the best feelings in Ramadhan is delivering foods to surau and jiran-tetangga ^^

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Kareemm~

Ahlan kepada tetamu yang dinanti, kini kunjung tiba..

tetamu yang melambangkan kini terbuka luas pintu2 keampunan..

Berilah kekuatan pada hambaMu ini untuk menghidupkan malam2 ramadhan dgn alunan suci kalamMu, dgn menyebut namaMu, dan dengan menadah tangan berdoa padaMu..

semoga kehadirannya tidak disia-siakan..

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa kepada Semua ^^

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 days left~

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, diwajibkan kamu berpuasa sebagaimana diwajibkan ke atas orang yang terdahulu daripada kamu, supaya kamu bertaqwa" [Al-Baqarah : 183]

Ahlan ya Ramadhan..

hari ni my uncle will pick up the "imam muda" =) yearly routine since i was in form 3.. menjelang ramadhan, if my dad's home, he n my uncle will go to Madrasah Kubang Bujuk, picking up 2 hafiz to lead our tarawikh prayer.. our surau might be small, but Alhamdulillah, for all these years, there's still jemaah at the surau, and once per week, usually ada ustaz dtg mengajar.

While i'm home (for a week), better prepare enough food for a month's 'guests' =) my dad had remind me to cook for the imams (as usual, both should be around 14-17.. sejuk ati their parents, kecik2 lagi dh hafaz 30 juzu')..

cooking.. cooking...~~ the least that i can do..

semoga Allah berkati setiap amalan kita.. insyaAllah..

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies ^^

~~Home sweet Home~~

Love it when i'm home.. can fully utilize my recipe book =D

I use my classic brownies recipe, and topped the cheese cake recipe.. n tadaa!! here it is (finally!) my cheesecake brownies.

Brownies layer:

1/2 c butter (melted)
3/4 c sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 c cocoa powder
1/2 c flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 baking powder

- beat in sugar + egg into butter
- sift cocoa powder, flour, baking powder, add into the butter mixture
- add in salt
- mix everything (u can use a wooden spoon)
- line the baking dish with baking paper / oil paper b4 pouring the mixture
- leave some pf the brownies mixture for decoration

Cheese layer

200g cream cheese
juice from 1/2 lime or 1 tsp vanilla (i prefer lime juice, but my siblings prefer vanilla)
1 egg
1/4 c sugar

- mix everything together.
- will get a bit lumpy, i ignore it. hehe..
- pour on top of the brownies layer.
- decorate with some brownies mixture

-bake 180degree in a pre-heated oven, 20-30 minutes.
-let it set and refrigerate few hours b4 eating.


ps: make ayam madu panggang for lunch. but it tastes weird.. uuu uuu.. need to alter the recipe and try again ^^

Thursday, July 29, 2010

test.. and failure~

"sabar itu pada permulaan".. a simple hadith that is very hard to follow.. i always lost my temper easily. but the worse is, i tend to let the whole world know when i'm angry =(

this time, i failed His tests again.. i didnt managed to control my anger at the car agent and also the insurance company for being soo slow in their work. i should have know that He granted rewards for those who are patients.. yet, i wasted His love for me by being short-tempered.. pardon me O' Allah.. grant me with patients and redha~

my rear windscreen 28th July 2010

a very good tazkirah by hurun een.. jazakillah dear..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post bday

abah beli bday kek ^^ sayang abah^^

nyummy nyum!!! love you (my zauj) ^^

nyummmy nyum lagi!! sayang mama!!! ^^

Monday, July 26, 2010


back from konwanis 2010.. alhamdulillah berjaya attend this year. the journey from KB to PD took us more than 10hours (ikut rombongan kelantan).. naik bas rombongan mmg require kesabaran (sbb x sampai2.. huhu).. took it as tarbiyyah diri.. altho i surrender awal2 n book flight ticket back to KB ;p

just reqistered for conference on wellness (UCW).. register for poster presentation. it will be in october, takut time tu bz n kelam-kabut if nk wat oral. still need to prepare a 6months grantt nyer report..

nway, putting that aside, now cracking my brain for this weekend's mukhayyam nyer activities. need to plan for ice-breaking and team building activities yg x membosankan. chaiyok2!!

ps: rindu zaman2 wat aktiviti kt nz..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pengat Durian

Musim durian tiba lagi!! hehe.. altho i'm not a big fan of this 'king of fruits'.. tp i looovee pengat durian. some place call this 'serawa durian' (rasanyer lah).

I use my mama's recipe:
- durians (i use around 10 ulas je kot)
- santan pekat (around 2-3 cups) + 1-2 cups of water
- 1 nisan/gula melaka
- 2 helai daun pandan
- a pinch of salt

cook everything on low heat. the pengat will thickened over time.
done! ^^

ps: durian yg seulas tu sebagai hiasan je. hehe

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Doa elak gangguan makhluk halus

maksudnya: Dan Kami perlihatkan segala amal yang mereka kerjakan, lalu Kami akan jadikan amal itu (bagaikan) debu yang berterbangan (al-Furqan,25: ayat 23)

pagi tadi dgr Tanyalah Ustaz kt tv9.. very interesting topic on Jin & Makhluk Halus.. ustaz share doa2 utk ubat santau, and all those penyakit2 yg disebabkan oleh gangguan makhluk halus. byk ayat2 yg ustaz kasi, but he said this is the shortest one (and hopefully easiest to remember ^^)..

baca untuk prevention and also for curing. insyaAllah.. apa2 pun tawakkal pada Allah..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

udang masak sambal

weekend @ KB..
hari ni gi umah mek jah masak2 with kak nana ^^ (thank you for inviting, if not, life gonna be really2 dull)..
prepared lunch together2.. (altho they were at risk of getting infected with my flu virus... siap bawak kain hingus masuk dapur.. huhu)
here what we prepared together.. sup ayam mek jah dh stat masak when i arrived (xmasukkan gambar air asam yg wat cicah ikan bakar, also there were ice ribena n oren yg k'nana wat)

i prepared udang masak sambal.. k'nana yg basuh n buang kepala udang.. (i'm allergic to crustaceans.. nnti itchy tangan kalau pegang)

how i cooked my sambal udang:

- prawns
- 3 red onions
- 3 cloves of garlic
- 1 inch ginger
- 3 tbs cili boh
- 1 tsp sugar
- a pinch of salt
- sweet soy sauce (optional)

- blend onions+garlic+ginger.. tumis sampai air dia kering
- add in cili boh, tumis samp pecah minyak
- add in sugar (sbb warna dia jd cantik bila tambah sugar.. due to browning effect ^^ )
- add in salt
- i only add a bit of soy sauce bila warna dia x cukup gelap. hihi..
- masukkan udang n kacau2 till warna kulit dia berubah jadi oren <- petanda dia dh masak. tutup api. if lama sgt masak, nnti isi dia keras n melekat kt kulit dia. - done! =)

ps: tbs= tablespoon
tsp= teaspoon

Thursday, July 1, 2010


caught a flu.. -.-
time like this, kalau duk kt umah sgt laa best.. mama wat air milo panas n bawa biskut kasi mkn atas tilam.. then makan sup ayam panas2.. uwaaaa.. nk balik umah!! sob sob....

my sup ayam.. then sbb malas nk masak sayur, campakkn sayur dlm sup :p
(served with crispy fried chicken and plain fried rice)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Minda yang tidak bertamadun

Being a frequent traveler, I've seen various drivers' attitudes. it's true that i'm not a very 'disciplined' driver myself, but i tried my best to respect other road users.

today, coming back to USM (i travel back home once per fortnight) there's this Perodua Rusa in front of me. from junction aft tasik kenyir, there's this long single line road, which laluan memotong every 5km kot. because there's a lorry in front, so merangkak laa sikit. i'm not a very patient driver, so start je laluan memotong, terus gave signal n msk ke kanan. si perodua van kt depan nih, org dh stat potong, sesuka hati dia je masuk kanan gak.. nasib baik x laju sgt, kalau x memang cium la bumper die. i gave him lampu tinggi sekali, tp dia wat derk n masuk kanan jugak. so terpaksa laa saya beralah n slow kn kereta. they were in front of me till nk masuk bandar permaisuri. tp maybe sbb i gave them lampu tinggi b4 this, so dieorang bengang kot. owh, there're 2 guys in the van. it's a company van, tp xde pulak tulis nama company apa, cuma tulis alamat n no tepon je. the one at the passenger seat in front kurang ajar gler. dia baling bekas air (plastic cup) ke belakang. pastu gelak2.. then lempar plastik air pulak.. sakit nyer hati.... sbb sakit jati sgt, i dialed nombor tepon yg tulis kt belakang van dieorg. konon2 nk complain kt manager dieorg laa, tp one number (09-6175145) busy sokmo, the other (09-6175146) xde org angkat..

sbb geram sgt, salin no plate WMY2560 nk ngadu kt JPJ. siap amik gmbr lagi.. huhu.. (sy kalau marah mmg menakutkan)..

ps: berjaya tepon the 2nd number just now.. prpn yg jwb tepon tu ckp that van has not arrived, but sy mengadu dgn hebatnyer.. hoho..

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Roti Jala ^^

at last! i managed to use my not-so-newly bought acuan roti jala.. but biasa laa.. budak baru belajar, kan.. mcm2 rupa atas kuali.. haha.. kalau kurang sabar, rasa2nyer nk wat lempeng je..'s my 'jalaan' yg ade laa jugak rupa jala tu..

guna resepi dlm mama nyer buku koleksi resepi 'chekgu2 tepces' =)

4 c of water (i substitute with 1 milk + 3 c water)
3 c flour
1 egg
a pinch of salt
yellow colouring

- blend everything ^^ - the whole recipe wont fit your blender. letak separuh2, then combine in a bowl.
- greese ur pan, then 'jala' atas kuali. xperlu balik kan.. when the colour changed, then it's cooked.

n.. this is for breakfast =D (too hassle nk wat gulung2, so i just lipat je terus time dlm kuali.. haha)

ps: my cheesecake brownies was way too sweet! need to alter to recipe n try again. huhu..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crispy Fried Chicken ^^

Home sweet home ^^
weekend ni usrah cancel, so subuh2 hari lagi dh bertolak balik kemaman.. hihi.. (kalau x aft usrah baru balik..)

n as usual, balik kampung equals to lepas geram di dapur. haha.. saya budak gemok..

last time, i read about using batter or coatings to prevent moisture loss + retaining the flavour while frying. n bread crumbs are widely used to increase the crunchiness of fried food. so, balik ni, bersedia dgn sepeket fresh bread crumbs ^^

for lunch we had crispy fried chicken, dalca kari ayam, and nasi ala2 nasi minyak but i added some curry inside.. haha.. just to match the flavour of the dalca ;p

here is my ayam goreng yg best, straight from kuali. i used breast fillet (remove all the skins, n thinly sliced)

what i used:

chicken breast
tepung serbaguna (tepung ayam kentucky, or tepung ayam goreng)
1 egg - beat
bread crumbs

the way i cooked it:

- gaul2 ayam dlm tepung
- celup dlm telur
- gaul dgn bread crumbs
- deep fried, medium heat, until brown ^^

and here's the whole dish ^^

sbb saya gemok, so semua org pun kene gemok jugak.. hahaha.. jom makan!!

tonight's challenge: cheesecake brownies.. ^^ i'll post the recipe kalau sedap =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Things that i managed to buy (finally!!):

- acuan roti jala (tiba2 ternampak masa jalan kt mydin)
- mini tart pan (gi kedai kek nk beli cream cheese, pastu ternampak kt dlm kotak.. pulun beli 2 dozen.. hahaha)

Roti jala x sempat nk buat lagi. nnti nx time balik la buat. marathon wat curtart tart and choc tart.. ^^ i still have to polished my pastry-making skills. selalu lembik laa, keras laa.. then after blind-bake, dia shrink! geram btol.. xpe, berusaha lagi! but sbb rupa dia xberapa nk cantik, xbw balik ke segamat. hihi.. made orea cheesecake lagi for my hubby... weee~~~ ( i know.. i should control his diet.. huhu)

menu for the weekend @ segamat:

breakfast: makan luar (nasi lemak for me n hub, mee soto for mama n abah.. awe xtau blh order mee soto.. uuuu uuu.. )
lunch: nasi ayam (mama n abah got full list of wedding to attend, so just me, hubby, n nabil at home)
dinner: same thing

breakfast: jemput malas + kopok lekor (kopok all the way from kemaman, penuh ice-box ngn kopok.. hehe)
lunch: Ayam paprik, ikan bakar, sup bebola ikan ( fish ball tu mama wat sendiri.. i'm impressed!)

petang bertolak balik, so dinner at kuantan (singgah umah aja b4 balik kemaman)..
kimi already 1year old yesterday.. kawaiiii!!!! comel sangat!

Muhammad Hakimi, 1st day as a 1year old ^^ baru bangun tido, muka sgt masam.. hihi..

Savings for future

next week start biochemical analysis!! dup dab dup dabb.. (that's my heart nyer berdebar ;p )
sesungguhnyer sy sgt cuak. guna kit one-shot yg teramat mahal.. risk tetap ada, but i'm hoping that everything goes smoothly.. insyaAllah..

nway, today i'm thinking about savings for the future. nowadays duit mengalir mcm air.. :( last 2weeks, kuarkan 400.. then last week, kuarkan lagi 400. today, dlm purse tinggal lagi 100. adoii... mcm mana nk cukup duit scholarship kalau mcm nih. tp xleh nk salahkan sape2 gak, sbb i travelled too much.. 3minggu berturut2 balik kg, then drive sampai segamat. hohoho..

back to the topic on savings, usually i opened few savings account.. sekarang belanja guna cimb, simpan dlm tabung haji and bank islam.. BSN ade dr zaman kecik2 dulu, pastu xgerak2. last time tgk ada 600. haha.. masa buka account bank islam, tanya dia "ni interest dia riba' x?" dia jawab 'tak'.. wallahua'lam. nama pun dh bank islam, yakin je laa bukan riba'. now i'm thinking whether i should open ASB nyer account. still reading about it.. dh berpinar2 mata @@ (sbb xfaham). hehe.. nnti balik tanya orang2 yg lbh berpengalaman..

ps: simpan duit nk beli umah ^^

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last data collection


Done my data collection!! weeee~~~~~~~~

susahnyer nk dpt 150 healthy pre n post menopaus women yg x amik daily medication. dgr nk kene amik darah, semua lari.. (mcm mana agaknyer kalau sample size 5-6ratus.. huhu)

now marathon key-in data, tgk distribution dulu.. then baru start biochemical analysis.. chaiyok2.. gambatte!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheesy cheese

google image

My hubby lovess cheese cake ^^
last time makan cheese cake yg sedap (but too memuakkan for me) at secret recipe.. oreo cheese cake ^^.. so balik umah wiken aritu marathon wat cheese cake.. ^o^

i use basic cheese cake recipe with tiny modification (that never failed me before), but used oreo as the base =)

~~ My Oreo Cheese Cake ~~


2 packets of Oreo (biskut marie will also do actually) - remove the centre, hancurkan
50g butter - melted

mix both, tekan2 on your loyang (i use baking paper to alas), and masukkn dlm fridge for about half n hour..


250g cream cheese
200ml whipped cream
2 eggs
1 tbs lemon juice (awe guna half limau nipis)
2tbs flour (ratakan, bukan bumbu)
90g sugar (about 6 tbs)

blend everything!


choc chips/drops sesedap rasa.. just sprinkle on top.

>> pour the filling onto the base, sprinkle choc chips on top.. bake for 45min, 180degree.

>> you need to refrigerate the cake for 4 hours before eating ^^

ps: warning: this can become addictive, and really bad for your waistline n bmi ;)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thuma'ninah dalam Solat

Alhamdulillah.. we started our morning tazkirah dlm lab ^^

moga Allah memberi kekuatan utk istiqamah. last time one of my friends raised a topic on thuma'ninah in solat. a thing that for us, often being neglected. and as it is mentioned in 4 rukun dlm solat (RUKUK DENGAN THUMAKNINAH, IKTIDAL DENGAN THUMAKNKNAH, SUJUD DUA KALI DENGAN THUMAKNINAH, DUDUK ANTARA DUA SUJUD DENGAN THUMAKNINAH) tendency utk solat tidak sah kerana negligence ttg thuma'ninah sgt tinggi. i googled and found a very good acticle from "Hati Bening".


Di antara kejahatan pencurian terbesar adalah pencurian dalam shalat, Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bersabda,
“Sejahat-jahat pencuri adalah orang yang mencuri dari shalatnya.” Mereka bertanya, “Bagaimana ia mencuri dari shalatnya?” Beliau menjawab, “Ia tidak menyempurnakan ruku dan sujudnya.”( Hadits riwayat Ahmad, 5/310 dan dalam Shahihul Jami’ hadits no.997)

Meninggalkan thuma’ninah( Thuma’ninah adalah diam beberapa saat setelah tenangnya anggota-anggota badan, para ulama memberi batasan minimal yaitu sekedar waktu yang diperlukan untuk membaca tasbih. Lihat Fiqhus Sunnah, Sayyid Sabiq, 1/124 (pent).); Tidak meluruskan dan mendiamkan punggung sesaat ketika ruku’ dan sujud; Tidak tegak ketika bangkit dari ruku; serta ketika duduk antara dua sujud; Semuanya merupakan kebiasaan yang sering dilakukan oleh sebagian besar kaum muslimin. Bahkan, hampir bisa dikatakan, tak ada satu masjid pun kecuali di dalamnya terdapat orang-orang yang tidak thuma’ninah dalam shalatnya.

Thuma’ninah adalah rukun shalat, tanpa melakukannya shalat menjadi tidak sah. Ini sungguh persoalan yang sangat serius. Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bersabda,
“Tidak sah shalat seseorang, sehingga ia meluruskan punggungnya ketika ruku’ dan sujud.”( Hadits riwayat Abu Daud, 1/533, dalam Shahihul Jami’ , hadits no. 7224.)

Tak diragukan lagi, ini suatu kemungkaran. Pelakunya harus dicegah dan diperingatkan akan ancamannya. Abu Abdillah Al-Asy’ari berkata, “(Suatu ketika) Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam shalat bersama para sahabatnya, kemudian beliau duduk bersama sekelompok dari mereka. Tiba-tiba seorang laki-laki masuk dan berdiri menunaikan shalat. Orang itu ruku’ lalu sujud dengan cara mematuk,( Sujud dengan cara mematuk maksudnya, sujud dengan cara tidak menempelkan hidung di lantai. Dengan kata lain, sujud itu tidak sempurna. Sujud yang sempurna adalah sebagaimana disebutkan dalam hadits Ibnu Abbas, bahwasanya ia mendengar Nabi bersabda, “Jika seorang hamba sujud, maka ia sujud dengan tujuh anggota badan(nya); Wajah, dua telapak tangan, dua lutut dan dua telapak kakinya.” HR. Jama’ah, kecuali Al-Bukhari, Lihat Fiqhus Sunnah, Sayyid Sabiq, 1/124.) maka Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bersabda,
“Apakah kalian menyaksikan orang ini? Barangsiapa meninggal dengan keadaan seperti ini (shalatnya) maka dia meninggal di luar agama Muhammad. Ia mematuk dalam shalatnya sebagaimana burung gagak mematuk darah. Sesungguhnya perumpamaan orang yang shalat dan mematuk dalam sujudnya adalah bagaikan orang lapar yang tidak makan kecuali sebutir atau dua butir kurma, bagaimana ia bisa merasa cukup (kenyang) dengannya?”(Hadits riwayat Ibnu Khuzaimah dalam kitab shahihnya, 1/332. Lihat pula Shifatu Shalatin Nabi, oleh Al-Albani hal 131.),

Zaid bin Wahb berkata, Hudzaifah pernah melihat seorang laki-laki tidak menyempurnakan ruku’ dan sujud(nya). Ia lalu berkata, “Kamu belum shalat, seandainya engkau mati (dengan membawa shalat seperti ini) niscaya engkau mati di luar fitrah (Islam) yang sesuai dengan fitrah tersebut Allah menciptakan Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam.”( Hadits riwayat Al-Bukhari, Fathul Bari, 2/274.)

Orang yang meninggalkan thuma’ninah ketika mengerjakan shalat, sedang ia mengetahui hukumnya, maka wajib baginya mengulangi shalatnya seketika dan bertaubat atas shalat-shalat yang dia lakukan tanpa thuma’ninah pada masa-masa lalu. Ia tidak wajib mengulangi shalat-shalatnya di masa lalu, berdasarkan hadits,
“Kembalilah dan shalatlah, sesungguhnya engkau belum shalat.”

(Dari kitab "Muharramat Istahana Bihan Naas" karya Syaikh Muhammad bin Sholeh Al-Munajjid / alsofwah)

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