Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Healthy Life

back from Conference on Wellness 2010 at UDM. Lucky I only present poster instead of oral.. got this nasty cold and sore-throat since friday night.

The main take home msg from UCW '10 are:

The prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases are increasing. compared to the contagious diseases, more and more people found themselves with life-style related diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, cancers).

Obesity is on rise with alarming rate. Asian has higher body fat composition compared to Caucasian with similar body mass index (BMI), hence current cut-off point of overweight (25) is not suitable for Asian. There has been argument to establish a new range of BMI for Asian (normal 18.5-22.9, and overweight >23).

Prof. Rabidarjeet (IPPT,USM) had suggested the "prescription" of exercise to maintain health. the doctors are encouraged to "prescribe regular exercise" for patients, and the results can be obtained after 4-6 weeks. exercise should be done continuously (without stopping) for at least 10mins to be effective. the MOH 10,000 steps per day campaign is equivalent to walking for 3-5km/day.

1 in 20 women is at risk of developing breast cancer, regular self-check should be done. high body fat and diet high in fat and protein will increase the risk as fat n protein stimulate tumor growth. yearly pap smear are 'mandatory' to prevent cervical cancer.

Prevention is cheaper than cure. health promotion should be done more vigorously, so that the country wont suffer from spending billions and billions of money to treat un"cure"able diseases.

Wellness = appropriate nutrition intake + regular exercise. WHO releases that 2.7 million death are attributed to diet low on fruit and vegetable alone (19% being gastrointestinal cancer).

and lastly, wellness also include mental health @ spiritual wellbeing. being accepting, harmony, forgiving, grateful, and sincere; all lead to spiritual wellness. the guideline is already there- illustrated in the al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah.

**** have a healthy and happy life, everyone!****

** the poster i presented. only from a small retrospective study that we did in USM.. not from my master's research =)


mood@yemen said...

betul... prevention is cheaper... bila sakit baru teringat kena jaga kesihatan... hope I am not too late trying to improve my health ... mau mati in good health & happy ....but time is not on my side....petang nak gi tengok cucu matmbong...

tun_telani said...

wahh~~ nk gi tgk kimi jugak!! gi johor semalaman je.. dok letih ke.. pahtu nk turun kl pulok..

mood@yemen said...

letih seket takpe hati senang ... dapat tengok cucu .... he he he ...

Anonymous said...

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