Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Luahkan that 'Lafaz yg Tersimpan'

why did sometimes, eventho we tried, we didnt managed to write anything..? seriously, i've been ngadap this page since last few days, but i dont even manage to write a good title.. *even having idea to write is nikmat kurniaan Allah yg patut disyukuri..

hmm.. yesterday is Mama's bday =) [Happy birthday Mama.. Love you lots..]* thank you Allah for blessing me with wonderful and loving parents.. i still remember, dulu masa kecik2, me n my elder sister used to make a card for our parents.. pastu masa sign, tulis, 'from your sons'.. hehehe... sampai skrg pun, still tergelak bila teringat about that..

mama ^^

Mama is away, 'holidaying' with abah =).. tried to call, but end up sending sms wishing hepi bday n told her I love her. Comparing myself with others.. i'm not a direct type. some people can say what they think directly, but for me, to utter words that convey feelings, and sometimes my thoughts, can be soo hard. thats why i turn to writing; as sometimes it's frustrated not being able to say what u r thinking.

there r times that i know i made my mum sad, or mad at me.. there are times that i know i shud apologize. but tiap kali pun, all the words just linger in my head. thats why terasa sgt when i listen to Unic's 'Lafaz Yang Tersimpan'.. really2 'sukar menyusun bicara n meluahkan sayang'. huhu...

for me, bila dh besar2 ni, i know that i need to do something about it. rather than pendamkan n 'wat bodo' when i know i'd kecikkan ati org, or when i really need to say i care about people, i turn to writing it all down. sending sms, putting notes on table or any place that it's easy to find, sending emails, and sending cards =) it's a good feeling when u know that people knew what exactly you r feeling or thinking, rather than being ambigous and creating misunderstanding.. =)

having a chat with my 'iffah yesterday (eba n iman).. rupa2nya dh lama i didnt ask for their news.. sowiiii!!! u guys are always in my mind, cuma x berkesempatan n duk diam2 n tegur your ym/called. 'iffah is always my anak2 yg chomel =)

there's this hadith that i read somewhere about when you love someone, say it.. so, ape lagi? tell the person that u care about them =)

** uh uh.. i'm having headache due to this petroleum ether that fills the air in the lab - tgh wat fat extraction.


Anonymous said...

Eba loves you Awe Unni ♥♥♥
I MISS YOU, your lovely self, your cooking *cries* and most importantly I miss forcing you to listen while I blab on and on about some ridiculous insecurities of mine and even more ridiculous interests in life..

tun_telani said...

k'awe miss you also *hugs