Monday, November 23, 2009


Friends come and go.. partially, i agree. some are like that.
sometimes, our bestfriends hv their own 'another' bestfriends.. which always managed to gv me a wierd feeling. altho i'm also like that. i mean, i hv few close friends during my high school. n another close friends during my matrix, n of course diff ones in uni. n my bestfriends during school will find another friends in matrix n uni.. n almost all of them, i didnt know (except mayb few). n as i also hv many 'guy' friends b4, it's unapproriate to be close with any guy as i'm married, n some of them are also married.

i realized that sooner or later, everyone will hv their own lives. lives that hardly include me. n somehow, that thought managed to make me feel 'lonely'. n as i managed to 'mencampakkan' diri to kelantan, i hardly able to meet most of my friends. altho i do hv friends (which i declare 'close') there, but they also hv their own friends. i dont know whether to believe 'absence makes heart grows fonder' or 'estrange by distance'. maybe if a short while, i'll be the 1st.. n aft sometimes, it'll become the later. usually, i make friends easily, but maybe its true that 'easy comes, easy go'.

nway.. i dont actually know which is my main point. huhu.. it keeps raining, and i'll be alone in this big house for few more days (n it do makes me feel lonely *sigh..). wish i can go out, but my car is not here.
my bestfriend masa f3 is getting married. congratulations dear! selalu anggap die bdk kecik (walaupun sama umur).. so its hard to register that she's getting married. nway, i wish her happiness.
ps: ini adalah contoh karangan yg bakal mendapat markah yg sikit kerana point tidak disusun dgn betul n gaya bahasa yg mengelirukan pembaca.

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Bidadaribesi said...

makin beso2 ni makin teruji dgn persahabatan kot ek..kecik2 dulu layan je pape..kawan je ngan sape2..skrg baru teringat2 balik kawan2 lame..huhu..dan mule belajar menghargai erti persahabatn tu =p

betul la kak awe, sometimes sy pun ade weird feelings tu..hoho..kenapa? itu yg kite x tau tu..hehe..dugaan bebenor..xpe, biar la kawan kite tu ngan kawan with anyone kan yg die nak..kite pun akan kawan ngan org lain gak kat tempat2 lain nnt..hehe..tapi persahabatan yg sudah sedia terjalin tu perlu dijaga gak la at d same time.. ;D

ok, panjang lak komen kat sini..harap ade point pentg yg berguna..huhuhu