Saturday, October 10, 2009

1st recipe on the Blog! : Peach Cobbler ^^

i've been wanting to eat peach cobbler ever since i read hlovate's blog.. hoho.. (if u know what i mean lah..), and that is few years back.. just google 'peach cobbler' and all types of recipe will appear. but if u know how i am in the kitchen, u'll know that i'm someone that masak 'ikut sesuka hati and main campak2'.. huhu... anyway, usually i dont really follow the recipe i found, but more to 'try and error' (patut laa my peach cobbler b4 this turn out soggy.. nges nges).. but yesterday's peach cobbler is perfect =D (for my standard laa ;p).. so, b4 i forgot how i bake it, i better type it down.

The recipe

110g butter ( kat kedai jual 250g)
1 c flour
3/4 c sugar (fine is better)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
3/4 c milk (fresh, condensed, anything u like)
1 tbs vanilla
1 canned peach (drained- kat kedai ada yg around 800g tin die, aft drained dpt aa 400g++ buah pic)
cinnamon powder (to your liking)

How to make it:

1. Combine flour + sugar + baking powder (xyah sieve pun xpe)
2. Pour in milk and vanilla. Gaul2
3. Melt butter in the tray (me masukkan terus dlm loyang masa tgh panaskan oven.. huhu)
4. Pour in no.2 into that melted butter, kacau sket.. dont need to gaul sepenuh hati.. the butter will rise on top. dont worry about it.

5. Sliced the peaches sesuka hati. maybe one whole can is too much (an excuse to myself as i eat few slices - cant help it.. hehe... )
6. Arrange the peaches in tray. it will sink partially.
7. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on top.
8. bake 180 degree C, around 40min. (cam biasa laa, prick with fork, if comes clean, then it's cook =), owh, i wait till it brown on top )

Done! easy, right?

my peach cobbler ^^ it looks yummier aft being served on plate.. owh, u scoop it, bukannyer cut mcm kek. next time i'll try to serve it with custard (teringat eba nyer custard that goes with her yummy apple crumble.. or is it apple pie.. i forgot.. hehe)..


EBA said...

awww ♥~
ala rindunyer mau mkn masakan akak ;__;
InsyaAllah nenanti sayer cuber heeee ^-^
kekekeke apple crumble..
Awe Unni, fighting lah membacer journal~~!

tun_telani said...

hehe.... i know... k'awe also windu nk masak2 for my iffah ^^
*baik!! k'awe terus membaca journal (also most of the time i'm 'staring at the journals.. huhu)

OT girls said...

nak jugak makan..
klu wat durian cobbler jd akh?
ngeh ngeh ngeh

tun_telani said...

haha... boleh try, nk volunteer jd evaluator ke? :p