Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Milky Strawberry Smoothies

I've developed a crave for ice-blended... hoho... especially in this hot weather (it's seriously hot at home now.. but u expect to get thunderstorm at nights).. tried ice-blended peaches for breaking fast yesterday, but it doesnt taste as good as this ice-blended strawberry i'm drinking now ^^ (call it smoothies as i add some milk )..

i seriously dont know 'why' i never make ice-blended or smoothies b4, as it is soo easy (i do make milk shake though... thanks to bidadari besi who gave me the alat-yg-awe-xtau-nk-panggil-ape, but can be used to make froth.. huhu).. owh, i know, sbb b4 this i thought i need special blender.. hehe.. rupa2nyer blh guna blender mesin bawang kt dapur tu je.. (make sure it's clean though)..

as my parents just came back from cameron, we got heaps of strawberry in the fridge.. but it doesnt taste that sweet, so apart from eating it with choc, i make it into ice-blended and smoothies. my sister want to eat cheese cake (u know, cheese cake looks yummier with strawbery on top.. but cream cheese is too expensive.. so i ignore her -at least until my dad go shopping.. hehe).

ok, back to the smoothies.. in the blender, put strawberries (ikut suke laa byk mane), pour in some milk (i dont hv fresh, so used evaporated instead). then add in around a glass of ice cubes.. as the strawberries arent that sweet, i add in few teaspoons of sugar. blend it, and.. tadaaaa! here is the yummy milky strawberry smoothies =)

dont exceed a glass per day if you care about your waistline.. hehe... (owh, also if u care about your health).. need to maintain my BMI of 21-22.. kalu x, jd chubby mcm kt nz.. huhu


OT girls said...

nmpk cam best je..
rsnye bagaimane ye?
huh hu..

tun_telani said...

owh... rasa nyer mjadi pujaan ramai *wink wink..
seriously.. abih 1 tray strawberry.. beku tangan mblend ais utk semua org.. huhu

Bidadaribesi said...


wah nampak sodap~ n cam senang jeh..

kene try nih..hehe

waahh teringat akan hadiah tersebut..noy~~ malu sih, undefineable rupenye..hehe

itu hadiah dari budak kecik yang nak rush pulang ke Msia saat tu..hehe

tun_telani said...

w'slm ^^

hehe... undefinable, but very much appreciated indeed =D

*dh try kiwi, choc, peach n pelbagai2 buah2an yg dpt dicapai.. hehe..

hurun een said...

yummy i loike ^_^