Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This used to be my personal, private blog. i'm someone who like to keep diary n pour my feelings, you know, when you are sad, or mad.. it's best to let it out, if not to another person, then, put it on writing.. but later, i came to realize that someone that i don't want to read some 'stupid = not very nice' thing that i wrote, actually read my blog. i don't know whether anyone can feel more embarrass. nway, since that, i stop writing 'too private' stuff and stop hiding my blog from public. huhu..

nway, wut am i rambling about? not as if anyone really care about that, rite? i should be writing my paper, but i'm feeling down (getting moody is my specialty). i don't even have the mood to cook (this is serious stuff, really!).. pity my hubby, i plan to make currypuff for him last nite (he went to bintulu again.. smtg about getting a security to adtec..), but i'm soo down that i just left the inti karipap go to sleep. huhu.. (pagi td sempat goreng cengkodok je.. sian pulok rasa..)..

am going to re-read those 'POINTS ON HOW TO BE BETTER IN YOUR LIFE'~ okay... number
25: However good or bad a situation is, it will change, pray to ALLAH. that's what i should do.. get a grip! He's there.. insyaAllah..

random pic.. rainbow from my window.


Husna Mohamed said...

be strong teach!;)

there will always be light at the end of a dark tunnel. (if there isn't then i suggest u check if it's a tunnel. it might be something else. maybe ur own room in the middle of the night without the light on? heeeheee...joking! joking!)


Qurrata A’ayun said...

haha~ ape laa husna nih..
nway, thank you dear ^^